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2008 Dunlop World Challenge Tennis Tournament Supported by Toyota,to be Held in Toyota City,Aichi Prefecture

September 1, 2008

SRI Sports Limited (Headquarters: Kobe, President: Hiroyuki Bamba) and Dunlop Sports Limited (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Masamichi Arisaka) will sponsor the 2008 Dunlop World Challenge Tennis Tournament Supported by Toyota, a new international tennis tournament conceived to promote Japanese players and their advance in international tennis competition. The tournament will be held November 22 through November 30, 2008, at Sky Hall Toyota in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, with the additional sponsorship of Toyota City and the Toyota City Board of Education.

According to the rules currently governing professional tennis worldwide, Japanese players must earn international ranking points to qualify to compete in international tournaments. However, there are fewer opportunities to earn points in Japan than in Europe or the United States. In order to compete more successfully on the world stage, Japanese players therefore need support and policies that help provide more opportunities for point accumulation.

Sanctioned by the ITF and ATP1 and with prize money of 110,000 USD (men: 35,000 USD; women: 75,000 USD), this tournament was developed to help meet this need in Japanese tennis. The tournament will be one of a very few intermediate-grade international tournaments to be held in Japan (the second for men, and the third for women).2 More accessible than high-level tournaments such as the AIG Open, this tournament will provide an opportunity for promising young Japanese players to participate, win, and earn ranking points. It will provide a stage where Japanese players, usually constrained by geographic and economic limitations, can more readily step up to challenge the international tennis world without leaving Japan.

This tournament aims to introduce to the world young and junior-level Japanese players, who will lead tennis's next generation, creating an environment where they can compete on an even footing with the rest of the tennis world. Creating a stage where these young players can nurture their dreams is another important objective for the sponsors of this tournament.

The intense competition will begin November 22, with Japanese players and the world's top players gathered in Toyota City to compete to secure a top-100 ranking3.

1. ITF and ATP recognition: This tournament is sanctioned for women by the ITF (International Tennis Federation) and for men by the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals).

2. Tennis grades: The grade of each tournament is determined by the total amount of prize money awarded.

Men's Tournaments:
Grand Slams: Australia Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open
Tennis Masters Series: more than 2,450,000 USD awarded
International Series Gold: 800,000-1 million USD
International Series: 400,000-1 million USD
Challenger Series: 25,000-150,000 USD
Futures Tournaments: 10,000-15,000 USD

Challenger Series Tournaments currently held in Japan are the Kyoto Challenger and the Keio Challenger, both of which have total prize amounts of 35,000 USD.

Women's Tournaments:
Grand Slams: Australia Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open
Tier I: more than 1,340,000 USD
Tier II: more than 600,000 USD
Tier III: more than 175,000 USD
Tier IV: more than 145,000 USD
ITF Women's Circuit: 10,000-100,000 USD

At present, the ITF Women's Circuit tournaments held in Japan with awards of more than 50,000 USD are the Gifu Kangaroo Cup, the Fukuoka International Women's Open, the Kurume Best Amenity Cup, and the Tokyo Ariake International Women's Open II (50,000 USD awarded at each tournament).

3. Why professional tennis players aim to rank in the top 100: Securing a top-100 ranking in the top 100 means much more than achieving a psychological triumph. Players ranked in the top 100 can enter the Grand Slam tournaments without having to compete in qualification rounds, making the top 100 a major target for professional tennis players. As of July 2008, Japan has three women ranked in the top 100, and no men. Many international players with rankings between 100 and 200 are expected will compete in this (Challenger Series) tournament, and we can expect some intense competition between them and Japanese players.


2008 Dunlop World Challenge Tennis Tournament Supported by Toyota
Tournament Outline

Tournament Name: 2008 Dunlop World Challenge Tennis Tournament Supported by Toyota

Sponsorship: SRI Sports Limited and Dunlop Sports Limited.

Additional Sponsorship: Toyota City and the Toyota City Board of Education

Sanctioned by: ITF (International Tennis Federation), ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals), JTA (Japan Tennis Association)

Support: Toukai Tennis Association, Toyota City Amateur Sports Association, and Chunichi Shimbun, Co., Ltd.

Management: Aichi Prefecture Tennis Association

Special Sponsor: Toyota Motor Corporation

Sponsors: Descente, Ltd., Babolat VS

Cooperation: Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

Management and Operations: Aichi Tennis Association, Toyota City Tennis Association

Additional Management: Japan Ladies Tennis Federation Aichi, Tokai Student Tennis Federation

Total Prize Awarded: 110,000 USD (Men's/35,000 USD, Women's/75,000 USD)

Tournament Grade:
Men's: ATP Challenger
Total Prize Money: 35,000 USD (plus hospitality)
Singles Winner Prize: 5,000 USD
Singles Winner ATP Points: 55
Participants: Main Draw Singles 32 players, Doubles 16 pairs, Qualification Rounds Singles 32 players

Women's: ITF Women's Circuit
Total Prize Money: 75,000 USD (plus hospitality)
Singles Winner Prize: 11,400 USD
Singles Winner WTA Points: 65
Participants: Main Draw Singles 32 players, Doubles 16 pairs, Qualification Rounds Singles 32 players

Schedule: Men's SinglesMain DrawNovember 24 (Mon.)-November 30 (Sun.)
QualificationNovember 22 (Sat.)-November 24 (Mon.)
Men's DoublesMain DrawNovember 24 (Mon.)- November 29 (Sat.)
Women's SinglesMain DrawNovember 25 (Tues.)-November 30 (Sun.)
QualificationNovember 23 (Sun.)-November 25 (Tues.)
Women's DoublesMain DrawNovember 25 (Tues.)- November 29 (Sat.)

Scoring: Tournament style according to ITF rules
Singles main draw and qualification rounds: best of three tie-break sets
Doubles: no-advantage 10-point match tie-break

Location: Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture

Venue: Sky Hall Toyota, 1-20 Hachiman-cho, Toyota City 471-0861

Court Surface: Carpet (Taraflex)

Balls: Srixon (Dunlop)

Tickets: Tickets start at 1,000 JPY (tax included) and are available at Ticket Pia throughout Japan

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