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Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy:Enriching the sporting lives with advanced technology.

Management Vision

All over the world people of all ages—male and female—enjoy sports, promoting healthy, fulfilling lifestyles. Our mission is to deliver products and services that enrich the experience of all sports-lovers. Our ability to fulfill this mission is founded on the technological expertise we apply in creating our products. We’re dedicated to providing easy-to-use equipment featuring a quality feel that players can rely on in the long run. We develop products incorporating the latest technologies and manufacture in factories with the highest quality standards. We’re dedicated to creating outstanding added value.

And we believe that the services we offer also play a crucial role in helping to fulfill our goal of enriching our customers' sporting lifestyles. This means not only selling outstanding products, but also offering fitness services, golf and tennis schools, golf and tennis tournaments, and golf courses to respond to all of our customers' varied needs. By continuing to develop these services, we hope to share in the joy of helping make sports an integral part of everyone's lives.

All of us at Dunlop Sports are working to promote enhanced corporate and brand value, together with increased recognition in global markets.

Kazuo Kinameri

Kazuo Kinameri
President and Representative Director

Corporate Color

On May 5, 2012, we changed our name from SRI Sports Limited to Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd. with the goal of promoting enhanced corporate and brand value. We also chose a new corporate color as way of expressing our vision.

Dunlop Sporty Blue
Corporate Color

This color was selected to symbolize youthfulness and sportiness with the image of invigorating play beneath a blue sky.

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