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Company Overview

Corporate Profile

Corporate Name Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd., Sports Business HQ.
Summary of Operations (Including Subsidiary Companies)
  • Manufacture and sale of products for use in golf and tennis, including (but not limited to) golf clubs, golf balls, golf bags, golf shoes, tennis rackets, tennis balls, and tennis shoes.
  • Fitness Business.
  • Golf tournaments operations.
  • Golf and tennis school management.
  • Golf course management.
  • License Operations.

Head Office
3-6-9 Wakinohama-cho,
Chuo-ku, Kobe,
Hyogo, Japan

Tokyo Office
Shinagawa Crystal Square, 1-6-41 Konan, Minato-ku,
Tokyo, Japan

Ichijima Factory
5 Kajiwara,
Ichijima-cho, Tamba,
Hyogo, Japan

Golf Science Center
5 Kajiwara,
Ichijima-cho, Tamba,
Hyogo, Japan

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