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Corporate Governance

We Strive to Increase the Vitality and Transparency of Our Corporation in Order to Best Fulfill Our Social Responsibility.

As Dunlop Sports grows into a global enterprise, our social responsibility correspondingly increases. Because of this, we are further improving our internal regulations by strengthening corporate governance, compliance, and risk management, in order to further increase corporate vitality and transparency.

Our Corporate Promise

In accordance with our basic philosophy of maintaining corporate transparency and earning the trust of all our shareholders, we plan to enhance compliance as well as reinforce managerial supervision. Furthermore, we view the ongoing development, maintenance, and strengthening of corporate governance as one of the fundamental duties of not only our parent company but also of all our affiliates.

We promise
  • To be accountable to all shareholders, ensuring all proper disclosure of important information.
  • To conduct business in such a way as to maximize profit for our stockholders.
  • To offer superior and safe products to our clients in order to create a base of loyal customers.
  • To respect all applicable laws and regulations meticulously to and increase corporate transparency so that we may always maintain the trust of society.
  • To strengthen checks on management and to strive to prevent corporate malfeasance.

With respect to the enforcement of managerial oversight, in addition to our board of directors, we also have in place a comprehensive system of operational oversight by management. We consider for our board only candidates with extensive experience who have demonstrated superior administrative judgment. In the appointment of our management personnel we consider only those candidates who have demonstrated clear ability to execute practical managerial decisions.

Additionally, the Company maintains a comprehensive system of audits and inspections. We engage the services of four Audit & Supervisory Board Members who have extensive knowledge within appropriate fields of specialization to assess the decisions of our managers and executives without bias or partiality.

Our Systems of Internal Regulations

General Shareholders Meetings
For further details, please refer to the corporate governance report in the investor relations section of this website.

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