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Corporate Social Responsibility - Environment

Corporate Social Responsibility - Looking after the Environment

Fulfilling Our Responsibility to Help Create a Sustainable Society

Dunlop Sports is determined to create value for our shareholders. We believe that a company's worth is determined not only by its economic value, determined on the basis of its goods and services, but also by the social value generated by the fulfillment of its social responsibilities, starting with its responsibility to the environment. We strive to enhance both the values of the Company and pledge to always fulfill our social responsibility while adapting to the needs of the changing times.

Responsibility to the Environment
  1. We will work diligently toward the reduction of pollution and preservation of the environment in order to help create a better society. We will work to help prevent global warming and reduce the burden on the environment created by hazardous chemicals and industrial wastes.
  2. We will act in complete accordance with all environmental policies and laws. This includes both government mandates and the stringent policies enacted by our parent and affiliated companies, and maintaining our accountability through regular, forthright reporting.
  3. We will strive to further develop and maintain a system of corporate management for our company and its affiliates that truly meets current social needs. We believe first-hand experience is a necessary component of problem solving and we require that our managerial staff expose themselves to real-life working situations rather than simply attempting to solve a problem in an abstract context.
  4. We will provide constant instruction to each of our employees to increase company-wide awareness of the individual measures that can be taken to help conserve our natural resources. We aim to ensure that our employees are forward-thinking and proactive in working to help preserve the environment.
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