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Initiatives to Preserve the Natural World and Create a Safe and Secure Society.

Dunlop Sports firmly believes in the advancement of sustainable development and corporate organization based on environmentally sound principles. The preservation of our natural environment is an equally shared international responsibility. Guided by principle, we have taken comprehensive initiatives to ensure that every facet of the operations of our corporation will contribute to ensuring the stability of our ecosystem. We believe this to be our fundamental duty both as a corporation that is continually earning the trust of society and as one that seeks always to maintain a close connection with the natural world.

Acquisition of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

Our Ichijima Factory (Tamba City, Hyogo Prefecture) received ISO 14001 certification in 1998 and is promoting its maintenance and management.Furthermore, our headquarters and our subsidiary, the tennis ball manufacturing factory of Srixon Sports Manufacturing(Thailand) Co., Ltd.,received ISO14001 certification in 2009 and our Dunlop Golf Club Corporation in 2010.
Our company group will continue to promote comprehensive environmental conservation activities.

Successful Move to Zero Emissions Manufacturing

By entirely eliminating the production of waste, we attained complete zero emissions status at all of our group factories.

The Road to Zero Emissions Status
Factory Date zero
emissions achieved
Date complete zero
emissions achieved
Dunlop Sports Limited Ichijima Factory December 2001 June 2005
Dunlop Golf Club Corporation July 2004 May 2006
Dunlopxon Sports Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. November 2010 May 2011

*zero emissions : Reduction of amount of direct landfill waste to less than 1% of total waste materials, with a recycling rate of 99% or greater.
*complete zero emissions : Elimination of all direct landfill waste, with a recycling rate of 100%.

Reduction of VOCs

We have introduced initiatives to reduce our use of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), a common component in the production of golf balls. Since the year 2000, we have been able to reduce our use of VOCs by 60% and on December 12, 2007, Japan's Ministry of the Environment publicly commended our efforts for VOC reduction and the preservation of the atmosphere by recognizing us as a distinguished entity working for the cause of atmospheric and environmental protection.

Ichijima Factory

To contribute to the Sumitomo Rubber Group's environmental preservation activities by serving as a focal point for tree-planting, the Ichijima Factory has cultivated saplings since 2000, sending them to all locations as well as maintaining the verdant surroundings of the Factory and Golf Science Center. The number of saplings, seedlings, plants, and cuttings planted between 2000 and 2009 reached 27,581.

The Ichijima Factory has also created an attractive garden with pink flowering plants along the slopes facing the local highway to delight visitors and passerby alike.

In recognition of such achievements as the tree-planting efforts undertaken by all staff as well as local contributions to coexistence with nature, the Ichijima Factory received Presidentís Award of the Japan Greenery Research and Development Center in 2008 and an award from the Director of the Kansai Office of the Ministry of Environment, Trade and Industry in 2011.

Also, since 2007 we have been raising Japanese hackberry trees from seeds. These trees are indispensable for the nurturing of Japan’s national butterfly, the Giant Purple Butterfly, and in 2011 the first butterflies emerged from their chrysalids. A variety of events are being held to celebrate this natural abundance, including butterfly watching festivals to which local residents are invited.

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