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School Management

Improvement for Everyone, from Total Beginners to Seasoned Experts

In addition to offering equipment perfectly suited to a player's individual motivation and style, we also offer services to help players improve their technique.

Golf Schools

We operate over 100 facilities throughout Japan, all utilizing the same internally-developed curriculum based on ergonomic principles. We offer private lessons uniquely tailored to the needs of our students. From helping novices solidify their control of the basics of the sport to teaching advanced players techniques to give them that competitive edge, we strive to make learning and improving accessible and enjoyable.

Golf Course Management

Constantly Evolving Course, Unforgettable Experience

We operate and manage a golf course in Hyogo prefecture, Japan. We utilize the expertise that we have amassed throughout the years to offer golfers an unparalleled environment in which to enjoy their sport.

This course function both as a field to test out various ideas and theories and also a means through which we can better familiarize ourselves with the needs and desires of golfers. In addition, we hold several tournaments and events at the course to help ensure that every golfer has an enjoyable experience.

Golf Tournament Operations

Fostering Competition That Helps Create Passion in Golfers

Increasing the size of the golfing community is of critical importance to a company such as our own that focuses on the manufacture of golf equipment. In 1973, Dunlop Sports Limited established Dunlop Sports Enterprises, the first company in Japan created with the specific mission of organizing and managing golf tournaments. Our goal was to solidify golf's social acceptance and further develop and enliven the golfing community. Over thirty years later, this same company now organizes and manages approximately 45% of all professional Japanese golf tournaments, as well as Pro-Am tournaments and many other televised events.

Principal Golf Tournament Operations

Tournament Production (Budget Management, Event Planning); Tournament Direction (Administrative Management, Logistics and Operations, Quality Control); Facilities Management; Competition Management; Announcement and Publicity Services; Volunteer Management; Staff Management; Pro-Am Tournament Planning and Management; Athlete Invitation and Accommodation (In Japan and Overseas); etc.

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