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Greater Distance, Greater Accuracy

Every golfer plays the game differently and dreams his or her own dream. Still, we believe that there are three crucial elements necessary for a golfer to realize the performance he or she has hoped for: a precise and completely internalized swinging pattern, a club that feels natural to the golfer, and a ball matched to that club.

Disital Impact

We use Digital Impact Technology to refine our products down to the smallest detail. Mindful of the fact that golfers differ tremendously with respect to level and playing style, we offer an array of clubs and balls, each with unique characteristics, so every golfer can have a satisfying and enjoyable experience.


We recognize that having the proper shoes and clothing can have a tremendous impact on a golfer's swing. We put the same care into the research that we conduct to develop these products as with our clubs and balls.

Naturally, we offer products designed to give players a competitive edge. We also believe, however, that is equally important to create a wide range of products that supports the golf world and fosters healthy friendly competition.

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