Dunlop Golf Club Corporation

Corporate Address 3 Tohoku-cho
Miyakonojo, Miyazaki, 885-0004 Japan
TEL +81-986-38-4679
FAX +81-986-27-5026
Representative Manabu Tomosada
Start of Operations 1989
Site Size 8,359m²
Major Product Golf Clubs
Complete attainment of Zero-Emission Status 2006

The primary focus at the Dunlop Golf Club Corporation is on our two principal club lines, Srixon and XXIO. Over half of the clubs sold within Japan are manufactured at this factory. A variety of different activities comprise daily operations at Dunlop Golf Clubs, including club assembling, carbon shaft manufacturing, club-head coating, and club repair. The clubs manufactured here, coupled with the balls manufactured at our Ichijima Factory, have an unassailable reputation not only among amateur players, but also among top-ranked professional golfers. In particular, our Miyazaki shafts, the culmination of 20 years of development of our manufacturing technology, contribute to the success of many tour pros.

We maintain a standardized manufacturing process and a thorough system of quality assurance to ensure that all products manufactured here are of uniformly high quality. Furthermore, this plant attained zero-emission status in July 2004 and completely eliminated waste in May 2006, reducing our burden on the environment.

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