Dunlop Sports Limited Ichijima Factory

Corporate Address 5 Kajiwara, Ichijima-cho
Tamba, Hyogo, 669-4323 Japan
TEL +81-795-85-3000
FAX +81-795-85-3002
Factory Manager Hiromasa Yamamoto
Start of Operations 1996
Site Size 182,000m² (Including the Golf Science Center)
ISO14001 Certification May 1998 (Registration number JSAE041)
Major Product Golf Balls
Complete attainment of Zero-Emission Status 2005

The Ichijima Factory is at the core of our golf ball manufacturing operations. We produce both our principal tournament ball lines - XXIO and Srixon - and range balls intended for use in practice. The balls manufactured here are sold not only in Japan, but also exported worldwide where they are used by a number of the world's most renowned players in the world's most competitive tournaments.

Our concern for environmental preservation has influenced every facet of operations at the Ichijima Factory since we first began manufacturing there. In 2001 we attained zero-emission status, meaning that we had reduced the production and emission of waste products to below 1%, and in 2005, we eliminated waste products entirely. In addition, we have been aggressive in eliminating the use of organic solvents in manufacturing processes. Our 77% reduction of the use of organic solvents between the years 1997 and 2004 was recognized in 2005 as outstanding work in promoting 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) activity, and we were awarded the Chairman's Prize at the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Promotion Association Convention.
As a result of ours initiatives to enhance the environment in and around the factory, in 2016 we were honored to receive an award from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Indsutry.

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