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Manufacturing and Production

Manufacturing Clubs and Balls Appreciated by Players around the World

Our primary products - golf clubs, golf balls, and tennis balls - are all manufactured in our own factories in adherence to our strict standards of quality and environmental production.

Golf Balls (Dunlop Sports Ichijima Factory)

The home of production of the world's finest golf balls is a vibrant, historical town. This location is also home to our renowned Golf Science Center, making it an ideal environment for the development, evaluation, and production of our balls.

Dunlop Sports Ichijima Factory
Golf Clubs (Dunlop Golf Clubs within Japan)

A factory located in Miyakonojo, a thriving city in the heart of Kyushu blessed with beautiful natural surroundings. Here we manufacture our company's famous XXIO and Srixon clubs in accordance with exacting quality assurance standards. We also produce custom clubs that meet a customer's specific needs. Our Miyazaki shafts, the choice of many successful tour pros, are also manufactured here.

Dunlop Golf Clubs
Tennis Balls (Srixon Sports Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.)

A factory for tennis balls located in Kabinburi, Thailand, approximately 180 km north of Bangkok. Here we manufacture balls not only for use within Japan, but also as OEM components for a variety of international companies.

Srixon Sports Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
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