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Why Does the Ball Fly Well? What Makes it Easy to Hit?

These are the fundamental questions people have about golf. It's the role of the Golf Science Center to answer them.

Low scores and excellent shots are generally the result of skillful matching of a club and ball to a golfer's swing. We believe that it is crucial to account for the moment of impact of a shot very precisely. At the Golf Science Center, we compile vast quantities of data concerning a myriad of balls, clubs, and swinging styles, ranging from those of average players to those of the world's most accomplished professionals, which we meticulously analyze and evaluate. Through close collaboration between our research and development departments, we use this data to propose hypotheses and conduct tests, gleaning valuable information that guides us to the development of even stronger products. Furthermore, as one of our many services, the Golf Science Center offers professional golfers the option of having high-speed sequential photographs of their swing taken for analysis.

The BCS Theory

We believe that proper matching of a ball and club to a golfer's swing is a vital component of a positive playing experience, a theory that lead to the introduction of the BCS (Ball, Club, Swing) system. We conduct detailed measurements of a ball's flight performance such as launch angle, spin, initial velocity and carry. Furthermore, we consider dynamic changes in a ball's behavior, impact force, the sound made upon impact and the feel at impact.

♦Laser Measurement of Speed and Angle

We measure the velocity of the head at the instant before impact, as well as the initial velocity, launch angle, and deviation angle of the ball.

♦Three-Dimensional Spin Analysis

Through high-speed photographic analysis, we simultaneously observe a golf ball's backspin, sidespin, and axial spin and extract real-time three-dimensional measurements of each.

♦Club Behavior Analysis

Using photographic analysis, we observe the behavior of the club, including the club head attack angle and the face angle, immediately before the moment of impact.

♦Three-Dimensional Wind Velocity Measuring System

We acquire a three-dimensional measurement of wind velocity and orientation using the laser Doppler method. We combine these measurements with other meteorological data to analyze accurate flight and ballistic measurements.


We take a variety of other measurements, including:
♦Golf ball impact deformation analysis
♦Impact force analysis
♦Acoustic analysis
♦Swing-motion analysis

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