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Technology Helping to Enrich Sports Lifestyles

We create added value for our customers through the implementation of proprietary technologies including our Digital Impact simulations, which allow us to analyze the contact between a ball and a club with a precision of 100 microseconds. Recently, we have further developed this technology to take into account the moments before and after impact and the club’s interaction with the player, successfully analyzing the way the shot is experienced on a tactile level.

Also, at our Golf Science Center we conduct high-precision assessments to determine what makes a golf ball fly well and what makes it easy to hit. In addition to using swing robots, we conduct testing using actual golfers, from top pros to average players, to obtain vast volumes of data on club and ball characteristics and on the relationship between different swing styles and clubs. This data is used to make comprehensive measurements, analyses, and evaluations, the results of which are fed back to development to aid in the creation of even better products.

We will continue to employ the most advanced technologies to create products that increase our customers’ enjoyment of sports.

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