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The Pursuit of an Accurate, Quick, Strong Shot

Tennis is a sport in which the mind and body are totally focused on the movements of a single ball. Maximum enjoyment of this great sport involves a player being able to exert speed, power, and control on the ball in exact accordance with his or her wishes.

We are committed to creating high-performance products through continuous research and development aimed at fulfilling the diverse needs of individual tennis players. Our signature products range from reliable, high-quality tennis balls used at most major tennis tournaments in Japan to Dunlop and Srixon rackets that deliver exhilarating performance and enable players to realize their full potential.

In addition, we handle the import and sale of tennis rackets and strings for the venerable French firm Babolat, founded in 1875.

Starting in 2013 we will introduce DUNLOP SWING LABO, a unique system that combines scientific swing analysis with expert personal advice to find the optimal racket for each individual player. The first system of its kind in Japan, Swing Labo employs sophisticated motion sensors fitted to the racket to collect data on the player’s swing. This data is then analyzed using our proprietary software and displayed visually. we intend to use the data obtained, together with player feedback, in future product development.

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