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The information for shareholders and investors contained in this site is made available for the purpose of providing financial and managerial information regarding Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd. (henceforth "the Company"), and its affiliate companies (henceforth "the Group"), and no guarantee whatsoever is made regarding the contents of that information. In some instances, the information that appears on the Company's IR site (henceforth "the Website") may be incomplete or differ in some respects from information disclosed to other parties on behalf of the Company and the Group. Please be aware that the contents of the Website may be changed or removed without notice.

The Company takes great care when presenting information on the Website; however, the Company offers no guarantee as to the accuracy, validity, utility, etc. of any information appearing on the Website. Furthermore, the Company bears no responsibility and will not be held liable for any damages resulting from one's use (or inability to use) any of the information that appears on the Website.

In addition, certain information appearing on the Site regarding the plans, strategies and decisions of the Company and the Group are representative of the Company's and the Group's outlook for the future, rather than historical facts. Such future-oriented or speculative information is based on the information, assumptions, and decisions available to the Company's and the Group's management at the time it was prepared and inherently contains various elements of risk and uncertainty. Accordingly, it is possible that actual business results, etc. made public in the future will differ in various aspects from this information.

Items on the Website are provided as an explanation of financial and management information regarding the Company and the Group, and are not intended as a solicitation for investment. Any decision to invest is solely that of the investor. Furthermore, the Company, as well as any affiliated persons, bear no responsibility and will not be held liable for any damages as a result of actions taken based on information that appears on the Site.

Material information may be posted on this web site within 12 hours of its public disclosure ("publication" as provided in Article 30 of the Securities and Exchange Law Enforcement Order ("SELO")). Any person who obtains material information on the Website before its "publication" is deemed to be a "primary information receiver" as provided in the Japanese Insider Trading rules. In the event that such person trades the shares of the Company before such publication, please be aware that such transactions may infringe upon the Insider Trading rules and violate the Securities and Exchange Law of Japan.

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