Investor Relations

Disclosure Policy

The Company is committed to conducting its investor relations activities (report directed at investors and shareholders) in accordance with the fundamental plan described below, in order to facilitate proper understanding of and confidence in the Company on the part of our shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders.

The Company and all of its partners and subsidiaries strive diligently to maintain the faith and trust of all parties, starting with our shareholders and extending to our customers and investors. In order to achieve this goal, we place critical importance on the maintenance of fair and transparent corporate policy through the timely and appropriate disclosure of pertinent corporate information.

The following types of corporate information are considered vital for disclosure:

1) Information deemed necessary for disclosure in order to comply with the Regulations Governing the Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information, as prescribed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE);
2) Corporate information not subject to legal or regulatory requirements for timely disclosure, but which is voluntarily disclosed by the Company in consideration of its potential to influence the investment decisions of our investors.
However, this may not include the disclosure of certain specific information, the release of which could have a significant negative impact on the Company's interests.

The disclosure of vital information required by the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Regulations Governing the Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information will be registered on the "TDNet" (Timely Disclosure Network) system, which is operated by the TSE. Upon registration, the same information will also be immediately released to the press and the corresponding materials will be posted to the Company's website.

Disclosure of information not required by the Regulations Governing the Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information will be carried out via press releases and the Company's website, with due consideration for impartial dissemination of said information.

The PR department has primary power and maintains primary authority concerning information disclosure, with the corporate officer responsible for public relations acting as the Administrative Director of Information Management. The public relations department conducts information disclosure-related operations in cooperation with the finance department, human resources and general affairs department, corporate planning department, and other departments as required. Internal regulations for timely disclosure of information are as follows.

* In some cases, incidents may be reported after the fact.

The Company enforces a limited disclosure period from the day prior to the final day of each annual and quarterly accounting period to the day on which the financial results are announced. Please be aware that, during this period, the Company will refrain from making comments or responding to inquiries relating to financial results. However, if during this period circumstances arise that suggest a major correction in the earnings forecast may be required, in principle this information will be disclosed as per the Regulations Governing the Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information. Moreover, the Company will respond to inquiries made during the limited disclosure period, provided they are relating to information that has already been previously announced.

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