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Stock Dividends and Splits

Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd. regards providing a return to our shareholders as a top priority. It is our basic policy to consistently reward shareholders in the long-term while comprehensively considering performance forecasts, dividend payout ratios, and levels of our retained earnings. We intend to use our retained earnings efficiently to further enhance our research and development activities and intensify our overseas business expansion as part of our plan to expand our revenue base.

Fiscal Year Interim Year End Annual Remarks
12/2017 10 yen 30yen
40 yen
12/2016 10 yen 30yen 40 yen  
12/2015 10 yen 0yen 10 yen  
12/2014 20 yen 10 yen 30 yen  
12/2013 20 yen 20 yen 40 yen  
12/2012 20 yen 20 yen 40 yen  
12/2011 20 yen
20 yen 40 yen  
12/2010 20 yen 20 yen
40 yen
12/2009 20 yen
20 yen 40 yen  
12/2008 20 yen
20 yen
40 yen
12/2007 20 yen 20 yen
40 yen
12/2006 20 yen 20yen 40yen Interim Dividend was paid before the company was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

The company made a stock split by way of a free share distribution at the rate of 100 shares for each outstanding share on July 1, 2011

Record date June 30, 2011
Effective date July 1, 2011

A share trading unit system is adopted in which the number of shares per share trading unit is 100 shares.

The plans, strategies, and decisions of Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd. contained on this website concern forecasts of the future performance of the company, rather than historical facts. Actual business performance may yield different results depending on various factors.
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