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Digital Impact

A High-Tech Simulation of That Crucial Moment

Harnessing the power of supercomputers, we have developed technology that allows us to pause and analyze every detail of the most critical moment in the game: the instant of contact between the ball and the club or racket. We call this high-tech digital simulation technology Digital Impact. With this technology, we are able not only to stop and analyze swing motion at the moment of impact; we can also enlarge and manipulate the image in order to study the most minute phenomena and details, examining internal elements of the equipment.

By inputting the vast amounts of data we have accumulated over time into our program, we are able to use Digital Impact to create a truly faithful simulation. We apply this technology in research and development to test various design hypotheses, opening the way to further progress toward even higher-quality products.


We are constantly working to further enrich this technology, and we have recently introduced Digital Impact II, which allows us to consider how our equipment interacts with an actual human player. When analyzing the instant in which the ball makes contact with the club or racket, as well as the seconds immediately preceding and following impact, we focus not only on the equipment itself, but also on its interaction with the player. The results of these experiments have been vital in developing many of the unique designs that we feel distinguish our products.

The Technical Platform - Analyzing Materials and Functions -
♦Digital Swing Simulation

We analyze the various swinging styles of different golfers. By considering the entire swing, which begins long before the moment of impact, we are able to design clubs that will match a variety of swinging patterns.

♦Digital Shaft Simulation

We examine the deflection and twist of a shaft to help us implement design improvements to maximize head velocity and ensure proper flight and accuracy for every ball hit.

♦Digital Aerodynamic Simulation

We monitor the impact of air resistance and the ball's dimples on accuracy and carry. We use this information to design superior balls that fly farther.

♦Digital Trajectory Simulation

Using the results of our aerodynamic simulations, we can predict the ball's flight path and carry and make design improvements to create balls that fly even farther with greater directional stability.

The Human Platform - Analyzing People and Sensations -
♦Digital Motion Simulation

We analyze the interaction between primary joints and muscles involved in the swinging process. By understanding the specifics of the golfer's every movement, we can develop gear that will offer players a more effective swing.

♦Digital Weight Shift Simulation

We examine the ways in which the athlete's body weight shifts during the swing so that we can create designs that will deliver the ideal connection between club and player.

♦Digital Burden/Fatigue Simulation

We consider the burden and fatigue that the player may experience when swinging and walking in order to design only the safest products.

♦Digital Impact Feel Simulation

We study the way in which the materials and structure of a club's head and shaft affect how the ball is struck. In doing this, we consider not only the technical implications, such as direction and carry, but also human considerations such as the feeling of impact, striving to make products that deliver true pleasure in use.

♦Digital Impact Sound Simulation

We consider the ways in which structure and materials of the club head affect the sound made upon impact to ensure that our clubs provide a pleasing impact sound.

♦Digital Shaft Feel Simulation

We examine the impact of the shaft's deflection and twist on how the entire club feels in order to create clubs that are always satisfying to swing.

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